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***Classroom Resources*** The wiki is an ideal place to orient your students, providing course information, an interactive syllabus, and access to the resources they will use for the semester. *** @[toc] ## Link to readings ## Students can easily access the materials for the course in the wiki. You can link directly to resources stored on OSF or elsewhere, and nest them if necessary. * Readings for 4/16 * [OSF and Data Storage Compliance][1] * [Reproducibility in Research][2] * [Reproducibility through Registered Reports][3] ## Embed Files ## Need to make sure students have direct access to certain files? Files stored on OSF can be embedded in the wiki. @[osf](ufrbd) ## Collect Course Activities ## Your students can learn project and data management through practice. Create and link to components that groups can use to deposit their work. 1. [Week 1 Activities][4] ## Manage Contributions ## You can manage the permissions of your components separately, so you can access to all student projects while they can only access their own. [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: