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<h2>DLF Cultural Assessment Working Group</h2> <p>This sub-group of the DLF [<a href="https://wiki.diglib.org/Assessment" rel="nofollow">https://wiki.diglib.org/Assessment</a> Assessment Interest Group] (DLF AIG) was formed in February 2016 to discuss ways by which we may assess our digital collections and their cultural impact. Members of the DLF AIG for Cultural Assessment aim to first identify institutional data and practices that may be relevant to building a robust understanding of “cultural assessment.” Then, the group will investigate and attempt to surface underlying assumptions within our data and practices to help the community better understand the social structures that both influence our work and result from it. Ideally, the group will develop helpful and nuanced rubrics for institutional measurement and analysis of cultural biases and assumptions. The DLF AIG Cultural Assessment group intends to raise awareness of cultural bias and institutional “blind spots,” as well as recommend a set of data points, to create more inclusive cultures within DLF member organizations.</p> <p>We will explore whether and how cultural biases/assumptions are embedded in:</p> <ul> <li>materials we have available in physical collections - special collections, institutional archives;</li> <li>in librarians’ and archivists’ selections of what to digitize;</li> <li>in the requests their patrons and communities make for content;</li> <li>in choices about levels of digitization and preservation;</li> <li>in metadata-creation/descriptive activities;</li> <li>and in decisions about how/when/whether we publicize collections and make them discoverable.</li> </ul> <p>with the understanding that biases and assumptions have concrete impact on digital library collections and services.</p> <h2>Mission</h2> <p>To raise awareness of cultural bias and strive for diversity, equity and inclusivity [<a href="http://dspace.mit.edu/handle/1721.1/108771" rel="nofollow">http://dspace.mit.edu/handle/1721.1/108771</a> ] in digital collection practice to create more inclusive cultures and to mitigate or expose collection bias. Where such practice is lacking, create new frameworks that uphold CAWG values.</p> <h2>CAWG Values</h2> <p>Pursuing ethics of care in our various institutions by identifying and assessing cultural biases and assumptions underlying digital collection data and practices. We will...</p> <ul> <li>Recognize implicit and explicit bias in current archiving and collection practice within Libraries, Archives and Museums (LAM) cultural heritage institutions.</li> <li>Seek to uphold practices that reflect the goals of diversity, equity and inclusion</li> <li>Encourage higher levels of transparency in digital collection creation processes and facilitate critical user engagement.</li> <li>Foster sensitivity in the development of access strategies that strive to involve community stakeholders</li> <li>Respect community stakeholders' dignity and their right to privacy while expanding access when appropriate.</li> <li>Identify methods for sensitive and respectful representation of collections that strive to involve community stakeholders and respect their dignity and their right to privacy.</li> </ul> <p>See the Digital Library Federation Cultural Assessment Interest Group (DLF AIG) wiki <a href="https://wiki.diglib.org/Assessment:Cultural_Assessment" rel="nofollow">here</a>. More info about the AIGs is available on the <a href="https://www.diglib.org/groups/assessment/" rel="nofollow">DLF website</a>.</p>
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