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<p>Forget the Haircut! we are currently bidding on the OpenScienceBadges handbag, you can record your bid at <a href="https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dIOLFRq1lurAzlSC89zCb5GVxQAVo1rLgP4KEKuFOJ4/edit?usp=sharing" rel="nofollow">OS Handbag Bidding</a>google sheet I used for the last FunDraiser.</p> <p><img alt="enter image description here" src="https://files.osf.io/v1/resources/rjb2k/providers/osfstorage/5b5653d8c86a8c000f474fa5?mode=render"></p> <p>Make Donations directly to the COS, the biggest donation before August 12th gets this handcrafted, satin & faux leather OpenScience Handbag. </p> <p>BELOW THIS LINE IS OLD FUNDRAISER</p> <hr> <p><strong><em>Which hair cut?</em></strong> Donate to one of these organizations and I’ll get that haircut with the largest amount on May 20th, 2018. </p> <p>If you want to pledge directly to me, I'll track donations using this <a href="https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dIOLFRq1lurAzlSC89zCb5GVxQAVo1rLgP4KEKuFOJ4/edit?usp=sharing" rel="nofollow">"pledged and tracked"</a> <a href="https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dIOLFRq1lurAzlSC89zCb5GVxQAVo1rLgP4KEKuFOJ4/edit?usp=sharing" rel="nofollow">google sheet</a> which is a little cheaper. </p> <p><img alt="enter image description here" src="https://files.osf.io/v1/resources/rjb2k/providers/osfstorage/5ab968b49f98940010c568a3?mode=render"></p> <p>you can also make donations directly. See the picture <a href="https://osf.io/4sbyn/" rel="nofollow">here</a>: or (<a href="https://osf.io/4sbyn/" rel="nofollow">https://osf.io/4sbyn/</a>), </p> <p><strong><em>VOTE with your Dollars,</em></strong> choose a link below and donate. The cut earning the highest donation will “win” and I will get my hair cut in that style on <strong><em>May 21st, 2018</em></strong> and wear it to the Association for Psychological Sciences Conference in San Francisco.</p> <p>(a) <a href="http://www.youcaring.com/FunDrazor-clipper-PsiCh" rel="nofollow">www.youcaring.com/FunDrazor-clipper-PsiCh</a>i -- for Psi Chi clipper cut for Psi Chi because recent presidents want me to look more like them</p> <p>(b) <a href="http://www.youcaring.com/FunDrazor-clean-COS" rel="nofollow">www.youcaring.com/FunDrazor-clean-COS</a> -- for COS clean cut for the Open Science Framework because it will keep your research organized</p> <p>(c) <a href="http://www.youcaring.com/FunDrazor-noCut-UnitedWeDream" rel="nofollow">www.youcaring.com/FunDrazor-noCut-UnitedWeDream</a> -- United we Dream -no cut- values personal freedom and choice, help support our must vulnerable people</p> <p>(d) <a href="http://www.youcaring.com/FunDrazor-mullet-PLU" rel="nofollow">www.youcaring.com/FunDrazor-mullet-PLU</a> -- for PLU Psychology-mullet cut would amuse my students and take me back to my own college years</p> <p>(e) <a href="http://www.youcaring.com/FunDrazor-allsamelength-trees" rel="nofollow">www.youcaring.com/FunDrazor-allsamelength-trees</a> -- for Arbor Day foundation-all-same-length cut will prepare hair for extended growth, just like planting trees</p> <p>**</p> <h2>Hair-raising FunDrazor? Background and Justification</h2> <p>**</p> <p>Here I will provide a brief explanation of why I’m doing this and why each cut matches each organization. A personal note is that I avoid haircuts, normally averaging below four a year, so sabbatical provides a nice opportunity to get my hair cut at an even more reduced frequency. Simultaneously, this spring is my 7th year on the Psi Chi Board of Directors and the last year that I will travel extensively to conferences. This travel season will peak at APS, 2018 where I will attend as Psi Chi Past- President and before retreating to a less public professional future, I wanted to use my willingness to wear awkward hair to benefit the organizations and principles that I value the most. So I invite my friends, family, students and colleagues to either “clean me up”, or make me more “shaggy” before my most cherished professional moment of my career so far. </p> <h2>Choices, Choices, Choices</h2> <p>When I tested the notion of this fundraiser, it was surprising at how quickly people wanted to add “new” haircuts or dictate “hair style” of the winning hair cut (assuming my head is not shaved). For me the choices of organizations needed to follow my commitment to Open Science and to Diversity, Justice, and Sustainability. Each of these organizations represents one or combinations of these values. For anyone willing to make a sizable donation, I would wear certain hairstyles on any existing haircut, but don’t be distracted from the primary options. </p> <p><strong><em>Which hair cut?</em></strong> Donate to one of these organizations and I’ll get that haircut with the largest amount on May 20th, 2018. </p> <p>(a) <a href="http://www.youcaring.com/FunDrazor-clipper-PsiChi" rel="nofollow">www.youcaring.com/FunDrazor-clipper-PsiChi</a> -- for Psi Chi – <a href="http://www.psichi.org" rel="nofollow">www.psichi.org</a> Psi Chi is an organization that recognizes and promotes excellence in the science and application of psychology. Students who join earn a lifetime membership accompanied by a set of benefits directed at personal and professional growth. The best benefits cost the most so I ask you to donate to Psi Chi to benefit the current and next generation of college educated psychology majors and graduate students. </p> <p>Why does the “Clipper” haircut match Psi Chi? – My dear friend and previous Psi Chi president, Dan Corts, has much less hair than me, so he made the picture used on this campaign to tease me when we served on the board together. When I was President, compared to both the Past and Future presidents, I was the only one with any hair on my head at all. I’ve never had hair so short, but if this hair cut wins, I’ll get my head shaved with #2 clippers. </p> <p>(b) <a href="http://www.youcaring.com/FunDrazor" rel="nofollow">www.youcaring.com/FunDrazor</a>-clean-COS -- for COS -- <a href="https://cos.io" rel="nofollow">https://cos.io</a> The Center for Open Science (COS) has a mission to increase openness, integrity, and reproducibility of research. They have various products services including the Open Science Framework (OSF; <a href="https://osf.io/" rel="nofollow">https://osf.io/</a>) which will help manage an individuals’ personal workflow while benefitting science cumulatively. I am a COS Ambassador for the OSF and serve as the Chair of the Open Science Badges committee. </p> <p>Why does the “Clean” haircut match COS? – Because the OSF will help clean up a research program and I feel that the COS is doing more to clean up science than any other organization.</p> <p>(c) <a href="http://www.youcaring.com/FunDrazor-noCut-UnitedWeDream" rel="nofollow">www.youcaring.com/FunDrazor-noCut-UnitedWeDream</a> -- for United We Dream United We Dream (<a href="https://unitedwedream.org/" rel="nofollow">https://unitedwedream.org/</a>) has the following mission statement – “When you’re undocumented, you face a lot of discrimination, and that creates a lot of fear. At United We Dream, we transform that fear into finding your voice. We empower people to develop their leadership, their organizing skills, and to develop our own campaigns to fight for justice and dignity for immigrants and all people. This is achieved through immigrant youth-led campaigns at the local, state, and federal level.”</p> <p>Why does the “No Cut” haircut match United We Dream? This organization represents Diversity and Social Justice to me. There are so many to choose from, but the issue of immigration is the most pressing today. “No Cut” is the Social Justice haircut because it harkens back to the age of the hippies and social action of the 60s. Metaphorically, it will leave the most variation of hair length on my head. </p> <p>(d) <a href="http://www.youcaring.com/FunDrazor-mullet-PLU" rel="nofollow">www.youcaring.com/FunDrazor-mullet-PLU</a> for Psychology Pacific Lutheran University (<a href="http://www.plu.edu/" rel="nofollow">www.plu.edu/</a>) seeks to educate students for lives of thoughtful inquiry, service, leadership and care—for other people, for their communities and for the Earth. When writing the PLU2020 long range plan, we learned that it was not possible to uplift Diversity, Justice, or Sustainability without considering the other two. The Psychology department does an excellent job contributing to the PLU mission on our very meager budget. I am proud to serve in the department and feel that we could do more. These funds would go to support the Psychology Colloquium series, which invites speakers from across the world to speak to our students.</p> <p>Why does the “Mullet” haircut match PLU Psychology? While it is the haircut I would prefer the absolute least, I think the students (and my colleagues for that matter) would enjoy seeing me wear a mullet, even if only briefly. Learning is challenging, but it should also be fun. Besides, I wore my mullet during my college years, when it was popular. I think that the more donations that go to the mullet cut, the greater the total bidding war will become.</p> <p>(e) <a href="http://www.youcaring.com/FunDrazor-allsamelength-trees" rel="nofollow">www.youcaring.com/FunDrazor-allsamelength-trees</a> -- for Arbor Day Foundation The Arbor Day Foundation (<a href="https://www.arborday.org/" rel="nofollow">https://www.arborday.org/</a>) states on their website, “Together, we’re making our world cleaner and greener. In your yard and around the world, we’re planting trees where they’re needed most”. Though there are so many organizations I could have selected for my “sustainability” choice, I’ve planted many of their trees and shrubs in my yard and elsewhere. As the planet warms, it will be nice to have some shade. They will plant many trees much with whatever we raise for them. This also represents biological “diversity” because there are so species of plants. </p> <p>Why does the “All same length” haircut match the Arbor Day Foundation? This cut will allow me to continue growing my hair long in the most attractive fashion. The same way they help use grown trees tall and strong, this hair cut would provide me with a long beautiful forest on my head. </p>
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