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## **Notes and Documentation** ## #### **This is a space included for all your notes and other documentation related to your day-to-day work.** #### Here you may want to include: - Notes done in your preferred space whether this be through MS Word on your computer, Google drive, or JHBox. - Images files, - Audio and visual recordings - Even snapshots of the paper notes you use... - Templates for recording results or observations. - This may also be the space where you include any documentation in the form or a codebook, data dictionary or definition of study variables. You may want to organize different stages of your work in different folders within this component. We recommend following a file-naming convention with the date at the end so that you can easily view your notes chronologically. If you'd like to learn how to utilize a third-party storage service add-on for your notes and documentation see: <a href="">**Using Add-ons**</a> for a step-by-step guide. Data Management Services has developed a documentation workbook specifically to aid researchers in creating documentation for their project materials. It is accessible from the link below:<br> **<a href="">Research Data Documentation Workbook</a>** For more detailed information about using the OSF interface or to ask further questions about using the template for your lab please contact us at <a href=""></a> <br> or <br> Access the tutorials, FAQs, and support information from <a href="">OSF Guides </a>.