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# Construal Level International Multi-lab Replication (CLIMR) Project Compendium Liberman, N., & Trope, Y. (1998). The role of feasibility and desirability considerations in near and distant future decisions: A test of temporal construal theory. Journal of personality and social psychology, 75(1), 5. Experiment 1. Fujita, K., Henderson, M., Eng, J., Trope, Y., & Liberman, N. (2006). Spatial distance and mental construal of social events. Psychological Science, 14, 278-282. Experiment 1. Plus two paradigmatic replications of the effect of social distance and hypothetical distance on construal level. ## Compendium Structure The CLIMR project compendium comprises two main parts, one hosted on the Open Science Framework (OSF; and one hosted on GitHub ( The OSF repository for CLIMR contains the materials, methods, and data (once data are collected). The GitHub repository contains the code necessary to execute and reproduce the statistical analyses for the project. ## Navigating the OSF Repository ### Materials The materials for the replications can be found in the subcomponent "Methods and Study Material" ( If you are interested in recreating a version of the materials used in the replications, we recommend using the `.qsf` files for each experiment. This file can be imported into the Qualtrics survey platform and will recreate the English template survey on which the translated versions are based. This recreation will include the survey flow logic, as well as supporting code (JavaScript, HTML) for running the object categorization tasks and segmentation tasks. If you are interested in examining the materials used in the replications, including the survey flow logic, without directly recreating the online survey, we recommend examining the `.docx` files for each experiment. These documents were exported from Qualtrics and contain the survey flow, variable labels, and question formats. Unfortunately, this document can be difficult to navigate and is not formatted for easy reading. However, it contains a substantial amount of information, for the interested user. The procedure cannot be easily reproduced directly from this document. Rather, it is useful for error-checking and close examination of the methods. ### Data Currently, no data have been collected. When data have been collected, they will be made available in the OSF repository. #### Reproducing the Statistical Analyses If you are interested in reproducing the statistical analyses using real or simulated data, visit the CLIMR GitHub repository ( and follow the instructions in the readme there. The GitHub repository is also linked to the OSF repository. ## CLIMR Subprojects The CLIMR project entails several additional subprojects aimed at objectives related to the main goal of assessing Construal Level Theory. These subprojects are linked below. - Validation of measures of mental abstraction: - Pretest of the relevance to a target event of items on the Behavior Identification Form (BIF): - Replication of Amit et al (2013, Experiment 2):