The Language of War: A Replication and Extension of Abe (2012) and Matsumoto and Hwang (2013)

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Description: Legislative bodies have very important roles and understanding the psychology of their decision-making processes is a useful area of study. We add to this area by replicating two previous studies Abe (2012) and Matsumoto and Hwang (2013) in the context of a legislative body. The present study hypothesized that legislators who support war measures be externally focused and less cognitively complex in their speeches while opponents of war measures would be internally focused. Speeches were obtained pertaining to the decisions for the U.S. to take military action in Kosovo, Iraq, and Libya. While we found mixed results depending on the circumstances of a specific conflict, we demonstrate how automated language analysis can be combined with voting records to better understand behavioral action, such as legislative decision.

License: CC-By Attribution 4.0 International


This project represents one of several Political Language projects. All materials can found linked on this OSF page through our political language github repository, but specifically: is the manuscript and the documents are found in the Lang of War folder. To recreate our manuscript: - You must have R and Rstudio installed on the machine to reproduce the manuscript. When you...


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