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Materials, data and code for the paper titled "Response bias reflects individual differences in sensory encoding". Here is a guideline to the uploaded files: - Materials: folder containing all files necessary for running the experiment. The experiment can be executed by simply double-clicking on "expt_perception_XO_redblue.html" which is the executable file. To actually collect and save the data, these files need to be placed on a server. Data can then be collected using the browser. Codes use the jsPsych toolbox. - data: contains the raw data in .csv format, exactly as it appears in the Confidence Database ( The codes in that folder perform preprocessing of the raw data by excluding bad subjects and trials. - helperFunctions: folder with some useful secondary scripts that are called by the main scripts listed below - analysis.m: main analysis file that performs all statistical analyses from the paper and plots Figures 4 and 5 - perform_power_simulations.m: performs the simulations used for power analyses. The output is saved in the folder 'data' and is then called when plotting Figure 3. - plot_figure1.m: plots Figure 1 from the paper (Gaussian distributions with different variance) - plot_figure3.m: plots Figure 3 from the paper (power simulations) - plot_supp_figures.m: plots Supplementary Figures 1 and 2