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# Learning about the unknown *Spitzenkandidaten*: The role of media exposure during the 2019 European Parliament elections ### *Simon Richter and Sebastian Stier* ### Published in *European Union Politics*: ## Replication materials The data and code provided here enable the replication of the paper ***Learning about the unknown Spitzenkandidaten***. The archive contains R scripts and data files. ## R scripts | script | description| |---|--| | `01_DataPrep.R` | Pre-processing data | | `02_StackedDataPrep.R` | Prepare stacked dataset | | `03_MainPaper.Rmd` | Paper including all analyses | | `04_OnlineAppendix.Rmd` | Online appendix | | `functions.R` | Functions for running regressions and printing output | ## Data files Aggregated data to reproduce the results are provided in the folder `Data`. The folder `Helper` contains helper files necessary for compiling the paper and the online appendix. The data files are read into the R scripts where appropriate. The raw web tracking data cannot be shared in order to protect the privacy of study participants and due to proprietary constraints. Instead, we share aggregated website visit data that enable the replication of the main statistical analyses.