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**Original citation.** Roelofs, A. (2008). Tracing attention and the activation flow in spoken word planning using eye movements. *Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 34*(2), 353-368. **Target of replication.** The author hypothesized that there would be asymmetry in relatedness effects between word distractors in picture naming and picture distractors in word reading; specifically, that the effects of picture distractors on activation would be absent in word reading. We seek to replicate the significant interaction between task (picture naming, word reading) and relation (related, unrelated), F(1,13) = 7.11, p = .02. **A priori replication criteria.** A successful replication would find a significant interaction between task and relation from the full original model, which generally indicated significant latencies for picture naming in the semantic- and phonologically-related conditions, but not for word reading. In order to test this, we planned to run a 2 (type: semantic vs. phonological) X 2 (relation: related vs. unrelated) X 2 (task: picture naming vs. word reading) repeated measure ANOVA on latencies for vocal responses. Responses were considered invalid and discarded from the analyses when they “included a speech error, when a wrong word was produced, or when the voice key was triggered incorrectly.”