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Description: WATCH [PART 1,2,3] DUBAI PORTA POTTY VIDEO LEAKED VIDEO TRENDING VIRAL OF DUBAI PORTA POTTY INSTAGRGAM VIDEO WATCH/DOWNLOAD: When you listen to the stories of what women are up to in Dubai, the abmysal school of thought of a string of men leaves one flabbergasted. While over the years, tales of what Instagram models who are flown to Dubai by cash rich Arabs has left the global stage flummoxed, the latest porta potty videos doing the rounds on Twitter make one question the exsistence of such people. Rumors of models agreeing to perform deeply scatological and fetishistic sex acts in exchange for large sums of money have appeared online since roughly 2015. Mentions of "Dubai Porta Potty" have appeared as early as December 29th, 2015, on 4chan.[2] The blog "TagTheSponsor" operated from 2015 to 2019, and the runner would pretend to be a Dubai billionaire offering women money in exchange for sex, sometimes including scatological sex acts, and post the conversations.[3] On April 24th, 2019, Redditor Dhall15 posted a Starter Pack meme about women returning from Dubai smelling poorly (shown below).


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