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## Code Descriptions (Note: links will redirect to Github; use the files browser to stay in OSF) - [sampleSize.R]( Contains function to compute sample size for a SMART with a longitudinal outcome in which the primary aim is to compare two embedded DTRs. - [functions.R]( Helper functions for simulations and parameter estimation. - [generativeFunctions.R]( Helper functions for data generation. - [generateSMART.R]( Main function used to generate data from a SMART. - [simulateSMART.R]( Wrapper to generateSMART and helper functions to enable iterative data generation and parameter estimation. - [init.R]( Script to initialize R environment for simulations - [resultFunctions.R]( Helper functions for compiling results and tables The [Simulations]( folder contains scripts to perform simulations under all scenarios compiled in the manuscript ([ArXiv]( Simulations are designed to be run in parallel in an environment where all available cores can be dedicated to this task; as such, we recommend appropriately modifying [simulateSMART.R]( before running simulation scripts on, say, a laptop rather than a high-performance cluster.