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Files within this project contain data from a study described in a manuscript titled "Immediate and Long-Term Effects of Tibial Nerve Stimulation on the Sexual Behavior of Female Rats", which is not yet published. The study is split into two experiments. Both experiments involved tracking the sexual behavior of female rats in an operant chamber using video recordings taken during 30 minute behavioral tests once per week. Five treatment conditions were tested in both experiments, involving tibial nerve stimulation (S+) or no stimulation (S-) and either partial hormone priming (H+), full hormone priming (H++), or no hormone priming (H-). In Experiment 1, 8 female rats were randomly rotated through the 5 conditions for ten weeks. Each rat received each treatment twice. This experiment was performed to track the immediate effects of tibial nerve stimulation on sexual behavior. In Experiment 2, 20 female rats were committed to a condition for 6 weeks, and changes in their sexual behavior were tracked over time. This experiment evaluated the long-term effects of tibial nerve stimulation on sexual behavior. In Experiment 1, there was a trend of increased sexual motivation in immediately following tibial nerve stimulation. In Experiment 2, there were trends of both increased sexual motivation as well as increased sexual receptivity when tibial nerve stimulation was applied long-term. **Data:** In this project there are 30-minute video files from behavioral testing from each rat each week. Videos were manually scored to calculate time in chamber areas (female, male, doorway), mounts, lordosis, and lordosis quotient (lordosis/mounts). Two researchers blind to the condition of the animal scored each video and the average was taken between them. This averaged data is presented in the two overall experiment summary Excel sheets in Experiment 1 and Experiment 2. Data was also collected from the ANY-Maze system that monitored and controlled the behavioral chamber. This data includes nose poking information (numbers and latency) and interval information (completed or failed). This data is presented in Excel sheets in each week of both Experiment 1 and Experiment 2.
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