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Quantum Metrology with Photoelectrons - online resources ======================================================== This OSF project contains various resources for the [IOP book (available now)][1], including animations, interactive plots and source code. See the [guide to the wiki][2] for a list of the resources. More resources will be added over the coming months. New June 2020: - for general discussion of the topic, there are now forums available at [AMO Open Science]( - The full bibliography is now also [online via a Zotero group](, please use that to suggest additional/new refs on this topic. **UPDATE OCT 2023: Quantum Metrology with Photoelectrons Vol. 3** is now available as an open-source project, built from Jupyter Notebooks; for the web version see --- ![enter image description here][3] Abstract -------- Photoionization is an interferometric process, in which multiple paths can contribute to the final continuum photoelectron wavefunction. At the simplest level, interferences between different final angular momentum states are manifest in the energy and angle resolved photoelectron spectra: metrology schemes making use of these interferograms are thus phase-sensitive, and provide a powerful route to detailed understanding of photoionization. In these cases, the continuum wavefunction (and underlying scattering dynamics) can be characterised. At a more complex level, such measurements can also provide a powerful probe for other processes of interest, leading to a more general class of quantum metrology built on phase-sensitive photoelectron imaging. Since the turn of the century, the increasing availability of photoelectron imaging experiments, along with the increasing sophistication of experimental techniques, and the availability of computational resources for analysis and numerics, has allowed for significant developments in such photoelectron metrology. Volume I covers the core physics of photoionization, including a range of computational examples. The material is presented as both reference and tutorial, and should appeal to readers of all levels. Volume II explores applications, and the development of quantum metrology schemes based on photoelectron measurements. The material is more technical, and will appeal more to the specialist reader. Full text (via IOP) ------------------- *Quantum Metrology with Photoelectrons* *Volume 1* ISBN 978-1-6817-4684-5 [][4] *Volume 2* ISBN 978-1-6817-4688-3 [][5] [1]: "Book details" [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]:
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