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This proposal discusses the need for cross-collaboration between professions working diligently to bring music into the mainstream of healthcare. A remarkable amount of excellent research highlighting the benefits of music in the brain and central nervous system is already published. The benefits of this research, when applied as new methodology platforms in mainstream medical and educational environments, could positively revolutionize healthcare and education. However, much of this knowledge remains in the upper circles of neuroscience and is not utilized “on the street” where it could benefit so many. A general lack of knowledge regarding benefits of music and the brain among medical and educational professionals, coupled with very little cost-effectiveness data available to encourage hospital administrators and university chancellors to create business plans for new therapeutic platforms, results in very few medical and educational professionals becoming interested in implementing music into their own regional hospitals, therapy centers, and school systems. Increased consumer demand for therapeutic music will change this situation. But for the consumer to become aware of these benefits, it is imperative that skilled groups of researchers, medical personnel, therapists, educators, and musicians who produce innovative knowledge regarding music therapy platforms launch a collaborative effort to bring this information to the public. These amazing protocols can greatly assist those with cognition, motor, and speech challenges in the fields of intellectual/developmental disabilities and rehabilitation afflictions. Concerted efforts raising awareness of research outcomes should follow publication. We must all work together to disseminate this important information to healthcare and education professionals.