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![enter image description here][1] These are the most-viewed preprints on OSF-hosted services in 2017. **We base the rankings on pageviews for the actual preprint**; downloads are added for additional context. Rank | Service| Title | Authors | Viewers | Downloads| |-----|------|---------|-------|--------|-------| 1|![enter image description here][202]|[Deep neural networks are more accurate than humans at detecting sexual orientation from facial images.][203]|Yilun Wang, Michal Kosinski|85509|26274 2|![enter image description here][2]|[Redefine statistical significance][3]|Benjamin et al.|35127|15454 3|![enter image description here][4]|[A Psychological Profile of the Alt-Right][5]|Patrick Forscher, Nour Kteily|16335|4521 4|![enter image description here][6]|[How to become a Bayesian in eight easy steps: An annotated reading list][7]|Etz et al.|10575|5434 5|![enter image description here][210]|[How much does education improve intelligence? A meta-analysis.][211]|Stuart Ritchie, Elliot Tucker-Drob|7533|1531 6|![enter image description here][204]|[Justify Your Alpha: A Response to “Redefine Statistical Significance”][205]|Lakens, et al.|6370|2829 7|![enter image description here][8]|[How many atheists are there?][9]|Will Gervais, Maxine Najle|5839|1540 8|![enter image description here][10]|[Introduction to Bayesian Inference for Psychology][11]|Alexander Etz, Joachim Vandekerckhove|4485|2430 9|![enter image description here][12]|[Does growth mindset improve children's IQ, educational attainment or response to setbacks? Active-control interventions and data on children’s own mindsets][13]|Yu Li, Timothy Bates|4346|1775 10|![enter image description here][14]|[When Genetics Challenges a Racist’s Identity: Genetic Ancestry Testing among White Nationalists][15]|Aaron Panofsky, Joan Donovan|4118|1586 11|![enter image description here][16]|[Bayesian data analysis for newcomers][17]|John Kruschke, Torrin Liddell|3842|2624 12|![enter image description here][18]|[Participant Nonnaivete and the Reproducibility of Cognitive Psychology][19]|Zwaan et al.|3669|1129 13|![enter image description here][20]|[Against Eminence][21]|Simine Vazire|3243|2129 14|![enter image description here][22]|[Badges to Acknowledge Open Practices: A Simple, Low-Cost, Effective Method for Increasing Transparency][23]|Kidwell et al.|2863|547 15|![enter image description here][24]|[The Preregistration Revolution][25]|Nosek et al.|2861|838 16|![enter image description here][208]|[Female chess players outperform expectations when playing men][209]|Tom Stafford|2539|402 17|![enter image description here][26]|[Equivalence Tests: A Practical Primer for t-Tests, Correlations, and Meta-Analyses][27]|Daniel Lakens|2492|1742 18|![enter image description here][28]|[The Experience of Discrimination in Contemporary America: Results from a Nationally Representative Sample of Adults][29]|Brian Boutwell|2383|301 19|![enter image description here][30]|[Too True to be Bad: When Sets of Studies with Significant and Non-Significant Findings Are Probably True][31]|Daniel Lakens, Alexander Etz|2053|800 20|![enter image description here][32]|[Consciousness-related interactions in a double-slit optical interferometer][33]|Gabriel Guerrer|2027|1092 21|![enter image description here][34]|[Erikson's Theory of Psychosocial Development][35]|Moin Syed, Kate McLean|1955|1141 22|![enter image description here][36]|[Defining Excellence: 70 Years of John Bates Clark Medals][37]|Beatrice Cherrier, Andrej Svorenk|1940|308 23|![enter image description here][38]|[Estimates of excess deaths in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria][39]|Alexis Santos, Jeffrey T. Howard|1929|1382 24|![enter image description here][40]|[Tramadol effects on physical performance and sustained attention during a 20-min indoor cycling time-trial: A randomised controlled trial][41]|Nunez et al.|1886|222 25|![enter image description here][42]|[Universal Economic Plan Based Law Constitutions of Kingdom and Nations][43]|Mesut Kavak|1758|365 26|![enter image description here][44]|[Status of our Science][45]|Motyl et al. |1723|871 27|![enter image description here][46]|[Open Science: What, Why, and How][47]|Bobbie Spellman, Elizabeth Gilbert, Katherine Corker|1630|1660 28|![enter image description here][48]|[Happy to Help? A systematic review and meta-analysis of the effects of performing acts of kindness on the well-being of the actor][49]|Curry et al.|1586|1509 29|![enter image description here][50]|[Is Romantic Desire Predictable? Machine Learning Applied to Initial Romantic Attraction][51]|Samantha Joel, Paul Eastwick, Eli J. Finkel|1564|429 30|![enter image description here][52]|[Analyzing ordinal data with metric models: What could possibly go wrong?][53]|Torrin Liddell, John Kruschke|1467|519 31|![enter image description here][54]|[Interpreting Surface Electromyography Studies in Sports and Rehabilitation Sciences][55]|Vigotsky et al.|1459|1432 32|![enter image description here][56]|[Correcting for bias in psychology: A comparison of meta-analytic methods][57]|Carter et al.|1451|1033 33|![enter image description here][58]|[The Bayesian New Statistics (Public)][59]|John Kruschke, Torrin Liddell|1409|1747 34|![enter image description here][60]|[Complement Inferences on Theoretical Physics and Mathematics][61]|Mesut Kavak|1369|253 35|![enter image description here][62]|[On the Diagnosticity of Motyl et al. (in press).][63]|Matt Motyl, Linda Skitka, Alexander Demos|1355|467 36|![enter image description here][64]|[Why Psychologists Should by Default Use Welch's t-test Instead of Student's t-test (in press for the International Review of Social Psychology).][65]|Marie Delacre, Daniel Lakens, Christophe Leys|1342|387 37|![enter image description here][66]|[The revolution can't be finished this way. Comment on Pedulla and Thebaud's Can we finish the Revolution][67]|Myra Ferree|1329|58 38|![enter image description here][68]|[Should Mary and Jane Be Legal? Americans' Attitudes toward Marijuana and Same-Sex Marriage Legalization, 1988-2014][69]|Landon Schnabel|1302|429 39|![enter image description here][70]|[Self-Control as Value-Based Choice][71]|Berkman et al.|1267|682 40|![enter image description here][72]|[Faculty Diversity at the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs): A Preliminary Snapshot][73]|Siddharth Joshi, Deepak Malghan|1261|524 41|![enter image description here][74]|[Bayesian Reanalyses from Summary Statistics: A Guide for Academic Consumers][75]|Ly et al.|1246|656 42|![enter image description here][76]|[Suggestions to Advance Your Mission: An Open Letter to Dr. Shinobu Kitayama, Editor of JPSP:ASC][77]|Wagenmakers et al.|1240|530 43|![enter image description here][78]|[A Unified Framework to Quantify the Trustworthiness of Empirical Research][79]|LeBel et al.|1218|745 44|![enter image description here][80]|[Thinking Clearly About Correlations and Causation: Graphical Causal Models for Observational Data][81]|Julia Rohrer|1215|732 45|![enter image description here][82]|[Políticas públicas: educação, habitação, saneamento, saúde, transporte, segurança, defesa e questões ambientais][83]|Rafael Callegari|1183|83 46|![enter image description here][84]|[A gender bias habit-breaking intervention led to increased hiring of female faculty in STEMM departments][85]|Devine et al.|1038|653 47|![enter image description here][86]|[Falsifiability Is Not Optional][87]|LeBel et al.|1021|1024 48|![enter image description here][88]|[The Scholarly Commons - principles and practices to guide research communication][89]|Bosman et al.|1012|455 49|![enter image description here][90]|[Why a Focus on Eminence is Misguided: A Call to Return to Basic Scientific Values][91]|Katherine Corker|985|365 50|![enter image description here][92]|[A Poor Prognosis for the Diagnostic Screening Critique of Statistical Tests][93]|Deborah Mayo, Richard Morey|982|443 51|![enter image description here][94]|[Teaching Bayes' Theorem: Strength of Evidence As Predictive Accuracy][95]|Jeffrey Rouder, Richard D. Morey|966|256 52|![enter image description here][96]|[Moineau-based pumps for the volumetric extrusion of pellets][97]|E. Canessa, Marco Baruzzo, Carlo Fonda|942|878 53|![enter image description here][98]|[On the Identical Simulation of the Entire Universe][99]|Mesut Kavak|932|187 54|![enter image description here][100]|[Why most experiments in psychology failed: sample sizes required for randomization to generate equivalent groups as a partial solution to the replication crisis][101]|Gjalt - Jorn Peters|901|675 55|![enter image description here][102]|[Work organization and mental health problems in PhD students][103]|Levecque et al.|899|432 56|![enter image description here][104]|[Lack of evidence for increased perceptions of fertility on the red planet][105]|Richard Morey, Malte Elson|897|516 57|![enter image description here][106]|[The Authentic Appeal of the Lying Demagogue: Proclaiming the Deeper Truth About Political Illigitimacy][107]|Oliver Hahl, Minjae Kim, Ezra Zuckerman Sivan|878|496 58|![enter image description here][108]|[Maximizing the Reproducibility of Your Research][109]|Bosco et al.|866|1752 59|![enter image description here][110]|[‘There's no way that you get paid to do the arts’. Unpaid labour across the cultural and creative life course. Unpaid labour across the cultural and creative life course][111]|Dave O'Brien, Mark Taylor|840|159 60|![enter image description here][112]|[The blind mind: No sensory imagery in aphantasia][113]|Rebecca Keogh, Joel Pearson|820|926 61|![enter image description here][114]|[Bayesian alternatives for common null-hypothesis significance tests in psychiatry: A non-technical guide using JASP][115]|Daniel Quintana, Donald Williams|819|1102 62|![enter image description here][116]|[The ends of empathy: Constructing empathy from value-based choice][117]|Daryl Cameron, Michael Inzlicht, Wil Cunningham|800|731 63|![enter image description here][118]|[A Meta-Analysis of Change in Implicit Bias][119]|Forscher et al.|783|2877 64|![enter image description here][120]|[Distributional effects of transport policies on inequalities in access to opportunities in Rio de Janeiro][121]|Pereira et al.|779|259 65|![enter image description here][122]|[On Group Comparisons with Logistic Regression Models][123]|Jouni Kuha, Colin Mills|763|203 66|![enter image description here][124]|[Social class and wise reasoning about interpersonal conflicts across regions, persons and situations][125]|Justin Brienza, Igor Grossmann|707|105 67|![enter image description here][126]|[Predicting violent behavior: What can neuroscience add?][127]|Poldrack et al.|705|354 68|![enter image description here][128]|[No Need to Turn Bayesian in Multilevel Analysis with Few Clusters: How Frequentist Methods Provide Unbiased Estimates and Accurate Inference][129]|Elff et al.|696|562 69|![enter image description here][130]|[When power analyses based on pilot data are biased: Inaccurate effect size estimators and follow-up bias][131]|Daniel Lakens, Casper Albers|690|788 70|![enter image description here][132]|[Microaggressions as part of the historical context of stigma and prejudice][133]|Michael Kraus, Jun Park|690|607 71|![enter image description here][134]|[Reported self-control does not meaningfully assess the ability to override impulses][135]|Saunders et al.|675|373 72|![enter image description here][136]|[Center for Open Science: Strategic Plan][137]|Brian Nosek|670|625 73|![enter image description here][138]|[Constraints on Generality (COG): A Proposed Addition to All Empirical Papers][139]|Daniel Simons, Yuichi Shoda, D. Lindsay|666|353 74|![enter image description here][140]|[An Open, FAIRified Data Commons: Proposal for NIH Data Commons Pilot][141]|Nosek et al.|634|305 75|![enter image description here][142]|[How Will (Do) We React to the Discovery of Extraterrestrial Life?][143]|Kwon et al.|630|205 76|![enter image description here][144]|[A collaborative approach to infant research: Promoting reproducibility, best practices, and theory-building][145]|Michael Frank|621|777 77|![enter image description here][146]|[The Hierarchical Taxonomy of Psychopathology (HiTOP): A Dimensional Alternative to Traditional Nosologies][147]|Kotov et al.|609|925 78|![enter image description here][148]|[When are sample means meaningful? The role of modern estimation in psychological science][149]|Clintin Davis-Stober, Jason Dana, Jeffrey Rouder|600|312 79|![enter image description here][150]|[Global evidence of extreme intuitive moral prejudice against atheists][151]|Will Gervais|598|543 80|![enter image description here][152]|[The Decline and Persistence of the Old Boy: Private Schools and Elite Recruitment 1897 to 2016][153]|Aaron Reeves|570|274 81|![enter image description here][154]|[Fernanda Ferreira -- Fame: I'm Skeptical (2017)][155]|Fernanda Ferreira|568|477 82|![enter image description here][156]|[Phase analysis in maximal sprinting: an investigation of step-to-step technical changes between the initial acceleration, transition and maximal velocity phases.][157]|von Lieres und Wilkau et al.|556|153 83|![enter image description here][158]|[Asking the right questions about human inquiry][159]|Anna Coenen, Jonathan Nelson, Todd Gureckis|556|518 84|![enter image description here][160]|[Complex phenomena require sophisticated designs: Why we should not give up on replicability][161]|Matti Heino, Eiko Fried, Etienne LeBel|552|208 85|![enter image description here][162]|[Journal Data Sharing Policies and Statistical Reporting Inconsistencies in Psychology][163]|Nuijten et al. |547|311 86|![enter image description here][164]|[Meta-studies for robust tests of theory][165]|Baribault et al.|542|341 87|![enter image description here][166]|[Bayes Factor Design Analysis: Planning for compelling evidence][167]|Felix Schoenbrodt, Eric-Jan Wagenmakers|539|698 88|![enter image description here][168]|[Normality and actual causal strength][169]|Thomas Icard, Jonathan Kominsky, Joshua Knobe|532|443 89|![enter image description here][170]|[More than feeling ‘a bit rocky’. Mal de Debarquement Syndrome (MdDS) Australia, quality of life survey 2016.][171]|Alan Pearce, Chris Daws|519|304 90|![enter image description here][172]|[Wisdom, bias, and balance: Toward a process-sensitive measurement of wisdom-related cognition][173]|Brienza et al.|512|746 91|![enter image description here][174]|[How Were Encounters Initiated That Resulted in the Fatal Shooting of Civilians by Police?][175]|Emma Frankham|501|250 92|![enter image description here][176]|[No relationship between researcher successful productivity and replicability: an analysis of four studies with 79 replications.][177]|Protzko, Jonathan Schooler|494|518 93|![enter image description here][178]|[Let's Look at the Big Picture: A System-Level Approach to Assessing Scholarly Merit][179]|Cynthia Pickett|491|291 94|![enter image description here][180]|[Empathy is hard work: People choose to avoid empathy because of its cognitive costs][181]|Cameron et al.|484|658 95|![enter image description here][182]|[What does (and should) mind wandering mean?][183]|Seli et al. |470|618 96|![enter image description here][184]|[Beasts of Prey or Rational Animals? Private Governance in Brazil's Jogo do Bicho][185]|Danilo Freire|467|563 97|![enter image description here][186]|[Networking democracy? Social media innovations in participatory politics][187]|Dan Mercea|466|174 98|![enter image description here][188]|[Materials and Corrosion Trends in Offshore and Subsea Oil and Gas Production][189]|Mariano Iannuzzi, Afrooz Barnoush, Roy Johnsen|464|591 99|![enter image description here][190]|[Is Humblebragging an Effective Impression Management Tactic in a Job Interview?][191]|Marek Vranka, Adéla Becková, Petr Houdek|464|145 100|![enter image description here][192]|[Speaking the Same Language: Data Standards and Disruptive Technologies in the Administration of Justice][193]|David Colaruss, Erika Rickard|444|154 101|![enter image description here][194]|[Being a 'citizen' in the smart city: Up and down the scaffold of smart citizen participation][195]|Paolo Cardullo, Rob Kitchin|442|971 102|![enter image description here][196]|[The Focus on Fame distorts Science][197]|Ãse Innes-Ker|442|115 103|![enter image description here][198]|[congressbr: An R Package for Analysing Data from Brazil's Chamber of Deputies and Federal Senate][199]|Robert McDonnell, Guilherme Duarte, Danilo Freire|437|243 104|![enter image description here][200]|[ExperienceSampler: An Open-Source Scaffold for Building Experience Sampling Smartphone Apps][201]|Sabrina Thai, Elizabeth Page-Gould|435|468 [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]: [6]: [7]: [8]: [9]: [10]: [11]: [12]: [13]: [14]: [15]: [16]: [17]: [18]: [19]: [20]: [21]: [22]: [23]: [24]: [25]: [26]: [27]: [28]: [29]: [30]: [31]: [32]: [33]: [34]: [35]: [36]: [37]: [38]: [39]: [40]: [41]: [42]: [43]: [44]: [45]: [46]: [47]: [48]: [49]: [50]: [51]: [52]: [53]: [54]: [55]: [56]: [57]: [58]: [59]: [60]: [61]: [62]: [63]: [64]: [65]: [66]: [67]: [68]: [69]: [70]: [71]: [72]: [73]: [74]: [75]: [76]: [77]: [78]: [79]: [80]: [81]: [82]: [83]: [84]: [85]: [86]: [87]: [88]: [89]: [90]: [91]: [92]: [93]: [94]: [95]: [96]: [97]: [98]: [99]: [100]: [101]: [102]: [103]: [104]: [105]: [106]: [107]: [108]: [109]: [110]: [111]: [112]: [113]: [114]: [115]: [116]: [117]: [118]: [119]: [120]: [121]: [122]: [123]: [124]: [125]: [126]: [127]: [128]: [129]: [130]: [131]: [132]: [133]: [134]: [135]: [136]: [137]: [138]: [139]: [140]: [141]: [142]: [143]: [144]: [145]: [146]: [147]: [148]: [149]: [150]: [151]: [152]: [153]: [154]: [155]: [156]: [157]: [158]: [159]: [160]: [161]: [162]: [163]: [164]: [165]: [166]: [167]: [168]: [169]: [170]: [171]: [172]: [173]: [174]: [175]: [176]: [177]: [178]: [179]: [180]: [181]: [182]: [183]: [184]: [185]: [186]: [187]: [188]: [189]: [190]: [191]: [192]: [193]: [194]: [195]: [196]: [197]: [198]: [199]: [200]: [201]: [202]: [203]: [204]: [205]: [206]: [207]: [208]: [209]: [210]: [211]:
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