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<p>This repository contains the script to produce one single dataset of records (<code>smid_2019.csv</code>) that were screened in subsets as part of the systematic review conducted by <a href="https://doi.org/10.1080/10705511.2019.1577140" rel="nofollow">Smid et al. (2020)</a>. If you want to use this data in your work, please cite the original publication:</p> <p>Sanne C. Smid, Daniel McNeish, Milica Miočević & Rens van de Schoot (2020) <em>Bayesian Versus Frequentist Estimation for Structural Equation Models in Small Sample Contexts: A Systematic Review, Structural Equation Modeling: A Multidisciplinary Journal</em>, 27:1, 131-161, DOI: <a href="https://doi.org/10.1080/10705511.2019.1577140" rel="nofollow">10.1080/10705511.2019.1577140</a></p> <p>The review consists of six different searches, of which the raw data (forthcoming) is in:</p> <p>Smid, S. C., McNeish, D., Miocevic, M., & van de Schoot, R. (2019, September 16). <em>Bayesian versus Frequentist Estimation for Structural Equation Models in Small Sample Contexts: A Systematic Review.</em> Retrieved from <a href="http://osf.io/7mght" rel="nofollow">osf.io/7mght</a></p> <p>The steps taken to preprocess the raw data are described in the current repository. The resulting dataset is used to simulate an AI-assisted screening process: </p> <p>Gerbrich Ferdinands (2020) <em>AI-Assisted Systematic Reviewing: Selecting Studies to Compare Bayesian Versus Frequentist SEM for Small Sample Sizes, Multivariate Behavioral Research</em>, DOI: <a href="https://doi.org/10.1080/00273171.2020.1853501" rel="nofollow">10.1080/00273171.2020.1853501</a></p> <h1>Processing the raw data</h1> <p>For every search, TIAB screening was mainly done in JabRef. Full-text screening was done in Zotero. These two screening phases need to be combined to arrive at a set of all records that have been screened at TIAB level, and where the records that were included at full-text level are labeled as such. </p> <p>Preprocessing was done with RStudio. Zotero exports of the TIAB screening are located in the <code>output/annotated_full-text_screening</code> directory. The JabRef exports are in the <code>output/tiab_screening</code> directory. For searches with missing abstracts, additional abstracts were retrieved via lens, see <code>output/lens</code>.</p> <h2>Search 1</h2> <p>Abstract screening - zotero Full-text screening - zotero</p> <p>Exported from zotero as <code>output/full-text_screening_annotated/search1.csv</code>. Process into <code>fulls1.csv</code> (script in <code>search1.R</code>)</p> <h2>Search 2</h2> <p>Abstract screening in “Search2Jabref” - Open "Search2Jabref.sav" in JabRef - Save as <code>output/tiab_screening/search2.bib</code> (2173 references)</p> <p>Fulltext screening zotero “Search 2 – 167 ref" - 167 abstract inclusions, 8 final - added manual tag 'Included' for the 8 final inclusions - Save as <code>output/full-text_screening_annotated/Search 2 - 167 ref.csv</code></p> <p>Combining both files - <code>output/complete_search/fulls2.csv</code> (script in <code>search2.R</code>) Retrieve extra abstracts - result in <code>output/complete_search_with_additional_abstracts/fulls2abstr.csv</code> (script in <code>get_abstracts_s2.R</code>)</p> <h2>Search 3</h2> <p>Abstract screening in "Search 3 – mailing lists" Fulltext screening in "Search 3 – mailing lists"</p> <p>Exported as <code>output/full-text_screening_annotated/search3.csv</code>. Process into <code>output/complete_search/fulls3.csv</code> (script in <code>search3.R</code>)</p> <h2>Search 4</h2> <p>Abstract screening in jabref “Search4Jabref” (export in <code>output/tiab_screening/search4.bib</code> ) Full-text screening via Zotero in folder genaamd “Search 4”, export <code>output/full-text_screening_annotated/search4.csv</code>.</p> <p>Combining both files - <code>output/complete_search/fulls4.csv</code> (script in <code>search4.R</code>) Retrieve extra abstracts - <code>output/complete_search_with_additional_abstracts/fulls4abstr.csv</code> (script in <code>get_abstracts_s4.R</code>)</p> <h2>Search 5</h2> <p>Abstract screening in jabref called “Search5Jabref", output in <code>output/tiab_screening/search5.bib</code>. Full-text screening via zotero in “Search 5”, output in <code>Search 5_abstract_included.csv</code>.</p> <p>Combining both files - <code>output/complete_search/fulls5.csv</code> (script in <code>search5.R</code>) Retrieve extra abstracts - <code>output/complete_search_with_additional_abstracts/fulls5abstr.csv</code> (script in <code>get_abstracts_s5.R</code>)</p> <h2>Search 6</h2> <p>Screening via excel, <code>output/full-text_screening_annotated/Search6.xlsx</code> Process and detect abstract and full-text inclusions in <code>output/complete_search/fulls6.csv</code> (script in <code>search6.R</code>).</p> <h1>Creating the final dataset</h1> <p>The script <code>combine_all_searches.R</code> takes all processed searches and combines them into 1 final dataset, <code>smid_2019.csv</code>. This data set can be used for the simulation mode in ASReview.</p> <h1>License</h1> <p>This project has a CC-By 4.0 license. </p>
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