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This project contains the data for the study "Contextual Within-Trial Adaptation of Cognitive Control: Evidence From the Combination of Conflict Tasks" from Rey-Mermet and Gade. For each experiment, participant and block type, a data file was created. These data are in white-space separated text format. The column names for each file in each block type for each experiment are listed below: <br> 1. Experiment 1a - `practice`: subj","block", "congruency", "catch", "stimulus", "xr", "r", "corr", "rt", "re" - `flanker`: "subj","block", "congruency", "stimuluscolor", "flankercolor", "xr", "r", "corr", "rt", "re" - `stroop`: "subj","block", "congruency", "catch", "stimulus", "color", "xr", "r", "corr", "rt", "re" - `combi`: "subj","block","catch", "stimulus", "stimuluscolor", "flankercolor", "flanker", "stroop", "xr", "r", "corr", "rt", "re" <br> 2. Experiment 1b - `practice`: subj","block", "stimulus", "color", "xr", "r", "corr", "rt", "re" - `flanker`: "subj","block", "congruency", "stimulusnumber", "stimuluscolor", "flankercolor", "xr", "r", "corr", "rt", "re" - `stroop`: "subj","block", "congruency", "catch", "stimulusnumber", "stimulus", "color", "xr", "r", "corr", "rt", "re" - `combi`: "subj","block","catch", "stimulus", "stimuluscolor", "flankercolor", "flanker", "stroop", "stroopstimulusnumber", "flankerstimulusnumber", "stimulusnumber", "xr", "r", "corr", "rt", "re" <br> 3. Experiment 1c - `practice`: subj","block", "stimulus", "color", "xr", "r", "corr", "rt", "re" - `flanker`: "subj","block", "trial", "congruency", "stimuluscolor", "flankercolor", "xr", "r", "corr", "rt", "re" - `stroop`: "subj","block", "trial", "catch", "congruency", "stimulus", "color", "xr", "r", "corr", "rt", "re" - `combi`: "subj","block", "trial", "catch", "stimulus", "stimuluscolor", "flankercolor", "flanker", "stroop", "xr", "r", "corr", "rt", "re" <br> 4. Experiment 2 - `practice`: subj","block", "stimulus", "color", "xr", "r", "corr", "rt", "re" - `simon`: "subj","block", "congruency", "stimuluscolor", "position", "xr", "r", "corr", "rt", "re" - `stroop`: "subj","block", "congruency", "catch", "stimulus", "color", "xr", "r", "corr", "rt", "re" - `combi`: "subj","block","catch", "stimulus", "stimuluscolor", "stimulusposition", "simon", "stroop", "xr", "r", "corr", "rt", "re" <br> 5. Experiment 3 - `practice`: subj","block", "catch", "color", "xr", "r", "corr", "rt", "re" - `simon`: "subj","block", "congruency", "stimuluscolor", "position", "xr", "r", "corr", "rt", "re" - `flanker`: "subj","block", "trial", "congruency", "stimulus", "flankercolor", "xr", "r", "corr", "rt", "re" - `combi`: "subj","block", "stimulus", "flankercolor", "stimulusposition", "simon", "flanker", "xr", "r", "corr", "rt", "re" <br> For the sake of anonymity, demographic data are not reported. Please cite the original sources when using any of the data available here.