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This is the repository for the following article: Vogel, D., & Homberg, F. (2020). P-Hacking P-Curves and the PSM–Performance Relationship: Is there evidential value? Public Administration Review. Advance online publication. A **long-time archived** version of the data and code is available at There is a **Code Ocean Capsule** for long-term computational reproducibility: See below for more information. ```` contains a **Docker image** that can be run locally and ensures long-term computational reproducibility. See below for more information. ### Reproducibility <strong> Using Code Ocean </strong> You can easily reproduce our results using the free service of [Code Ocean][1]: 1. Open the paper's Code Ocean Capsule: 2. Log-in to Code Ocean 3. Click *Re-Run* 4. Code Ocean runs a virtual environment and reproduces the results. You can inspect the *R* code by clicking on the `code/Analysis_CodeOcean.R` file in the left panel (see below for an explanation of the file structure). You can also run an interactive version using Code Ocean. <strong> On your own machine (using your own *R* installation) </strong> If you want to reproduce our results on your own computer you need *R* (we used version 4.0.2) and RStudio. 1. Download the full OSF Storage of the Project (including `.here` and the folders `code`, `data`, `results` 2. Make sure that you installed all required packages (see below for a list of required packages) 3. Open `code/Analysis.R` in RStudio. 4. Run the code <strong> On your own machine (using Docker) </strong> 1. Install Docker Community Edition 2. Download the `` file 3. Open a Terminal and navigate to the folder where the file was saved 4. Execute the following command: ```shell docker load --input docker run --rm \ --workdir /code \ --volume "$PWD/data":/data \ --volume "$PWD/code":/code \ --volume "$PWD/results":/results \ p-curve bash run ``` <strong> File structure </strong> The repository consists of some files in the root folder and three folders. * `.here` is an empty file that helps the `here` package to set the right working directory in *R*. * `/code` contains the analysis script: * `Analysis.R`: main file containing the analyses. * `/data` contains the data of the paper in a CSV file: * `Meta-Analysis.ods`: Raw data for the meta-analysis * `p-curve.ods`: Raw data for the p-curve analysis * `/results` empty folder that stores the result of the analyses. <strong> Required R packages </strong> - stringr - poibin - metafor - readODS - here - tidyverse It is advised to use `R` version 4.0.2 with the `checkpoint` package and set the date to 2020-07-17 to ensure that the package versions are comparable: ```R library(checkpoint) checkpoint("2020-07-17") ``` [1]:
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