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**UPDATE July 2020: the new [ePSdata project]( is now live, and will effectively supercede these wiki pages. Some content may also be linked or mirrored here, via Files/Github.** --- **ePolyScat calculations** *Update 8th Feb 2019: Fixed broken links to old (private) OSF ePolyScat project, apologies for any confusion.* This project collects ePolyScat (ePS) results for photoionization problems, along with some intro and processing materials. ePolyScat is a suite of programmes for electron scattering calculations, developed by R.R. Lucchese and co-workers: for more on ePolyScat, see [the ePolyScat manual pages][1], and references therein. The resources here have been developed by [P. Hockett (NRC)][2], an enthusiastic ePS user but not a developer of, nor expert on, the ePS codebase. They are provided as-is, with no guarantee of veracity! Any issues with these results are likely mine alone, and should not be taken to indicate fundamental issues with ePS. Some intro materials are on the [ePS intro][3] and [workflow pages][4] of this project. The bulk of the results will be in the form of ePS output files appearing on the [files pages][5]. Images below show sample results - MF-PADs and wavefunctions - for ABCO, ionization of the HOMO. ![enter image description here][6] ![enter image description here][7] [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]: [6]: [7]:
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