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Wiki Version: includes the dataset in various formats. These are released under a [CC0 license][1]. Most users will want the "cleaned" datasets which include coded condition assignments, etc.: 1. **CleanedDataset.sav** 2. **Tab.delimited.Cleaned.dataset.WITH.variable.values.dat** 3. **Tab.delimited.Cleaned.dataset.WITH.variable.labels.dat** These three files contain the same data but in different formats. First, the .sav (SPSS Statistics) file, which is most convenient for many users due to increased documentation in SPSS (variable labels, etc.). Next, the tab delimited files, which can commonly be opened with Microsoft Excel or similar, comes with data coded as values (e.g., numerically) or labels (for interpretation). These files should be read alongside **Codebook.xlsx** which describes the variables. The dataset also contains raw data (after personally identifying variables are removed), mostly for verification purposes or running the full [analysis script][2]. These files are: 1. **Full_Dataset_De-Identified.sav** 2. **Tab.delimited.Full_Dataset.WITH.variable.labels.dat** 3. **Tab.delimited.Full_Dataset.WITH.variable.values.dat** These come in the same formats described above. Finally, there is also ****. This will NOT be useful to most users. However, this file contains the actual study files (coded in HTML/JavaScript) used to administer the study on Project Implicit. This can be used to verify the coding of different instruments, view the images used, or to recreate the study in another tool. Also see our data paper with some additional information: Klein, R.A. et al., (2014). Data from Investigating Variation in Replicability: A “Many Labs” Replication Project. Journal of Open Psychology Data. 2(1), p.e4. DOI: [][3] [1]: [2]: [3]: