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RRR project to replicate Flavell, Beach, & Chinsky (1966) --------------------------------------------------------- This OSF page includes the information for the Registered Replication Report project of: Flavell, J. H., Beach, D. R., & Chinsky, J. M. (1966). Spontaneous verbal rehearsal in a memory task as a function of age. *Child Development, 37,* 283-299. doi: 10.2307/1126804 Our published paper can be found here: Abstract from the pre-data manuscript: Work by Flavell, Beach, and Chinsky (1966) indicated a change in the spontaneous production of overt verbalization behaviors when comparing young children (age 6) to older children (age 10). Despite the critical role that this evidence of a change in verbalization behaviors plays in modern theories of cognitive development and working memory, there has only been one other published near-replication of this work (Keeney, Cannizzo, & Flavell, 1967). This Registered Replication Report will rely upon several labs to contribute their results to create a larger and more comprehensive sample of children, so that key hypotheses regarding the behaviors of young children can be confirmed and generalization of the Flavell et al.’s findings can be assessed. ## Using these resources ## You will find the materials associated with this project organized in the following sub-directories: - The *Protocol* directory includes instructions about how to run the procedure. Please follow these instructions and steps as closely as possible to ensure maximum consistency across labs. - The *Materials* directory includes the experimental software and stimuli. - *Data-blind Analysis Scripts* includes R code developed on pilot data to parse output from our labJS program into the forms needed to perform the analyses pre-registered in the Stage 1 manuscript. - *Manuscripts and Supplementary Materials* includes the pre-data manuscript, the current draft of the Stage 2 manuscript, and the supplementary analysis. There is a sub-directory *Analysis and manuscript-generation files* which contains the analysis scripts and .Rmd files that are used to generate the manuscript (via papaja;, as well as the accepted version of the manuscript.
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