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Experiments ------- **Experiment Code** contains several MATLAB files. **audio_feedback_experiment** creates a GUI to run the experiment, and loads the Simulink model **audio_feedback_simulink** onto the connected XPC. **audio_feedback_experiment_LH** is identical, but creates a left-handed experiment. - **Calibrate** sets the zero point and threshold of the goniometer. - **View EMG** brings up a plot showing the raw and differenced EMG amplitudes. - **Subject** takes a numerical value and prefixes saved data with this subject number. The subject number is also used as the seed for the RNG used to determine trial order. - **Block** takes a string and appends saved data with this string. - **Update** will update the Simulink model with the Subject and Block values - **Reverse Order** swaps the positions of *same target* and *different target* blocks during **Steady-State** - **Free Explore** brings up the virtual limb with no target and allows subjects to freely practice - **Free Train** brings up the virtual limb with random targets, but subjects are allows as much time as necessary to reach the targets - **Familiarization** brings up the virtual limb with random targets and the timing ball - **Steady-State** runs the *steady-state* test condition, where reaches are not perturbed. - **Perturbation** runs the *perturbation* test condition, where the gain of the EMG-velocity conversion is intermittently increased Data Analysis ------- **Data Analysis** contains several MATLAB files. Running **newaudiofeedback_analysis_script** will perform all analyses.