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Project Overview ---------------- This project is hosted on the [Many Lab][1]. Visit the main page for Many Labs 4 [here][2]. **1. What is the project?** We're investigating how expert knowledge might affect replication outcomes, specifically whether replications are more successful when domain experts/original authors provide input. Each participating lab will administer a replication of Greenberg et al., 1994. Labs will be randomly assigned between two conditions, which will be compared through meta-analysis: 1. To use materials designed in collaboration with experts and original authors ("expert-designed materials" condition) or 2. To generate their own procedure/materials with no help from experts ("in-house materials" condition). Labs will be encouraged to run both versions if they can ensure the replications will be independent. **2. What is required from collaborators?** We are seeking collaborators in the US to collect data from 80 participants by May 1st, 2017. Depending on randomized condition, teams will also have to either administer the replication as specified, or create their own materials for the replication. **3. What will collaborators get out of this?** The final goal is publication in a TBD journal, and the generation of a useful set of publicly available data and materials. All researchers meeting the data collection goals will be included as authors. Authorship order is as follows: Klein, Ebersole, Nosek, <all collaborating authors in alphabetical order> ... Ratliff. Additional members may be added to the lead team if needed. **4. How do I join this project?** E-mail **** and include your university affiliation and the university/area of data collection. Feel free to ask questions if you're unsure if this project is a good fit! [1]: [2]: "here"