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# THIS IS THE ARCHIVED WEBSITE OF THE TÜBINGEN OPEN SCIENCE INITIATIVE > GO TO [THE NEW WEBSITE]( --- --- --- # Welcome to the Tübingen Open Science Initiative! New and curious?|&nbsp;|Keep up to date! --|--|-- Check out our short [__introduction video__](<br />@[youtube]( | | Sign up for the [newsletter]( <br /><br />Follow us on [twitter]( <br /><br /> ## Kick-Off event 11th Feb. 2021 17:00-18:30 We will discuss our mission statement, further developments as well as possible cooperations and options for involvement. If you are interested to participate, please write [Jürgen Schneider]( Take a peek: Our [Mission statement]( and [goals]( <br /><br /> ## Interested? __support__ - show your support for Open Science by getting listed as a [follower]( on our website<br />> check this option on the [newsletter page]( (not tied to the newsletter) __participate__ - join lightning talks on various topics concerning Open Science ([see dates and topics]( - join an [upcoming workshop]( or browse our [past workshops]( __contribute__ - give a lightning talk (contact [Jürgen][3]) - give a workshop and advertize it via TOSI - join one of the [focus groups]( __expand__ - lead a [focus group]( - create a new [focus group]( <br /><br /> ## More - Our [Mission statement]( and [goals]( - Who are we? Current [team members and initiators]( of TOSI [1]: [2]: [3]: