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Inaccessibility to sufficient healthcare continues to be a prevalent topic of discussion in both the fields of primary care and sub-specialization. Given the recent events and burdens of the COVID-19 pandemic, the impact of this disparity in care for underserved homeless, rural, and global populations has been brought closer into the spotlight, specifically in the realm of otolaryngology-related care. Current products and innovations in the field that expand on the facets of telemedicine and virtual care, although effective and of high quality pose a burden in regard to cost, thus limiting accessibility to its use outside of individuals of higher socioeconomic status. The diverse expertise of our collaborative team has worked to develop a new smartphone otoscope with electronic medical record integration. The key parameters in the design of this device include but are not limited to the following: highly cost effective, easy usability, versatile, adaptable, high clinical quality, and allowing for long term patient management. With cellular technology continuing to improve, this innovation provides for means to reach a majority of populations by using an attachment concept and pre-existing smartphones that are already present in most households. We envision our product to make strides towards eliminating health disparities caused by low socioeconomic status and/or lack of ENT specialists in various regions of the United States and countries worldwide. Our submission to the Fifth International Meeting on Internet & Audiology will be in the format of a PowerPoint presentation with accompanying audio. The presentation will include a walkthrough of our rationale as well as a 3D rendering of our design and our steps moving forward.