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********* HCPA-422 connectomic atlas ************* The dataset is distributed under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 License If you are using this data, please cite Reference: Y. Xiao, G. Gilmore, J. Kai, J.C. Lau, A.R. Khan, T.M. Peters, "A population-averaged structural connectomic brain atlas of 422 HCP-Aging subjects," Data in Brief, 109513, 2023. ****************************************************** The atlas contains the following data: * MRI templates: T1w template at 0.5x0.5x0.5 mm: HCPA422-T1w-500um-norm.nii.gz Regional T1w template at 0.3x0.3x0.3 mm: HCPA422-T1w-300um-norm.nii.gz T2w template at 0.5x0.5x0.5 mm: HCPA422-T2w-500um-norm.nii.gz Regional T2w template at 0.3x0.3x0.3 mm: HCPA422-T2w-300um-norm.nii.gz * FOD map and tractograms: White matter FOD map at 1x1x1 mm: HCPA422-wmfod_template.mif Tractogram with 2 million streamlines: HCPA422-tracks_2mil.tck Tractogram with 200K streamlines: HCPA422-tracks_200k.tck * Tissue segmentation Probabilistic white matter tissue map: HCPA422-T1w-WM-500um.nii.gz Probabilistic grey matter tissue map: HCPA422-T1w-GM-500um.nii.gz Probabilistic subcortical tissue map: HCPA422-T1w-subcort-500um.nii.gz Probabilistic CSF tissue map: HCPA422-T1w-CSF-500um.nii.gz Left STN parcellation at 0.3x0.3x0.3 mm: HCPA422-LSTN-parc-300um.nii.gz Right STN parcellation at 0.3x0.3x0.3 mm: HCPA422-RSTN-parc-300um.nii.gz Subcortical segmentation at 0.5x0.5x0.5 mm: HCPA422-SubCortSeg-500um.nii.gz * List of subcortical labels: subcortical-labels.csv * List of sub-regions of the subthalamic nucleus: STN-labels.csv
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