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The files contained in this project were used for the analyses in the paper "Gender in the Markets for Expertise" The data used in the paper (Massachussets All Payer Claims Database [MA APCD] R4.0) were provided by the Center for Health Information and Analysis (CHIA). Due to legal restrictions, we are not allowed to share the data in the APCD. This means that the full set of analyses cannot be reproduced without securing access to the data from CHIA first. We do, however, include the code we used to set up the raw data so after securing access to the data, the exact estimates in the paper can be obtained. The code files contain both SQL and R-scripts and they are ordered by numbers and letters. The order is important because subsequent files rely on data created by previous files. In addition to indicating order, file numbers bin together related files. Files with the same number and letter can be run in any order. Below is a short description for each set of files: 0 -- These files jointly generate the main data set used in the paper. The code files starting with 0a should run first, followed by the 0b code files. 1 -- These files generate the main descriptives and the main analyses (tables 1, 2, 4, 6, and 7 and figures 2 and 3). 2 -- This file generates the homophily analyses in table 3 and the coefficient stability analyses in table 5. 3 -- This file generates the gender effects on billing presented in table 8. 4 -- These files generates the gender effects on readmissions (table B1), the SO validation analyses (figure A1 and Figure A2), and the sensitivity analyses presented in table B2.