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Data for Sauron, a platform for phenotypic neuroactive compound discovery ([doi:10.1101/2020.01.01.891432]( ### Contents ### - Hardware information, including CAD diagrams, a component list, and instructions for building. - Descriptions and links to software repositories and installation instructions. - 7 years of phenotypic data for drug discovery and other data mining. - Extended supplemental data for the paper. The data are of zebrafish locomotor stimulus responses (as videos and time series) covering 34,000 compounds and 3.8 million animals. Data are included in 4 forms: - The full (MariaDB) database in .sql.gz files. These contain extracted feature data, diagnostic sensor data, metadata, and curated cheminformatics data. - Tab-delimited files (.tab.gz) of extracted feature data and metadata. These are included only for some highly consistent, large experiments. - Raw video data (terrabytes) along with some metadata in flat files. - Automatically generated plots and simple machine learning analyses for most significant datasets. ### Citation & authorship ### Not all authors are yet listed. To cite, please use the following: @MISC{Myers-Turnbull2020-gr, title = "Zebrafish behavioral profiling using Sauron", author = "Myers-Turnbull, Douglas and Taylor Jack C and Helsell, Cole A and Kinser, Reid and McCarroll, Matthew M and Carbajal, Amanda and Alexander, Rebekah and Oh, Ashley and Rinaldi, Capria and Kokel, David and Bruni, Giancarlo and Togashi, Riley and Melgoza, Adam and Rohweder, Peter and Wassarman, Doug and Fertsch, Ethan and Ramos, Louie and Keiser, Michael J and Town, Jason and Espinosa, Carmen S and Ravikumar, Shreya and Ernest, Jackie and Hoisington, Zach.", publisher = "Open Science Framework", year = 2020, url = "", note = "DOI of the publication associated with this dataset: 10.1101/2020.01.01.891432", doi = "10.17605/OSF.IO/NYHPC" } The authorship order reflects the relative degree of contribution
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