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The Mindboggle-101 project contains individually labeled surfaces and volumes from human brain magnetic resonance images for 101 individuals, as well as atlases derived from these labeled brains. See the [supplementary website][1] and [Synapse website][2] for additional processed data. The Mindboggle-101 dataset is part of the [Mindboggle project][3] and includes anatomically labeled brain surfaces and volumes derived from magnetic resonance images of 101 healthy individuals. The manually edited cortical labels follow sulcus landmarks according to the Desikan-Killiany-Tourville (DKT) labeling protocol: 101 labeled brain images and a consistent human cortical labeling protocol Arno Klein, Jason Tourville. Frontiers in Brain Imaging Methods. 6:171. DOI: [10.3389/fnins.2012.00171][4] **Data and License** All labeled data, including nifti volumes (nii), vtk surfaces (vtk), and FreeSurfer files (mgh, etc.) for each scanned "GROUP" (OASIS-TRT-20, NKI-TRT-20, NKI-RS-22, MMRR-21, HLN-12, etc.) are licensed under a by-attribution [Creative Commons License][5]. These brains are in their original space as well as affine-registered to "MNI152space": - Cortical_VolumeLabels_[GROUP].tar.gz - Cortical_VolumeLabels_[GROUP]_MNI152space.tar.gz - FreesurferFiles_[GROUP].tar.gz - SurfaceLabels_[GROUP].tar.gz The manually labeled subcortical portions of the "WholeBrain" OASIS-TRT-20 labels are licensed under a similar [Creative Commons License][6]: - WholeBrain_VolumeLabels_OASIS-TRT-20.tar.gz - WholeBrain_VolumeLabels_OASIS-TRT-20_MNI152space.tar.gz [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]: [6]: