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FAIR Implementation Matrix Working Group [Rolling notes][1] [Matrix Development Plan 2019][2] Notes from first Working Group [Meeting][3]: June 13 2019 GEDE on GitHub Workshop on Cloud Services for Synchronisation and Sharing 27-29 January 2020 Copenhagen, Denmark [CS3 2020 Site Survey][4] -------------- FAIR Terminology Systems, Ontologies, and Conceptual Models - GO-FAIR-Ontology: - Matrix Ontology: - Matrix definitions: - Collection of FAIR-related models/ontologies - FAIR Vocabulary with suggested identifiers for the core FAIR terms: - terms4fairskills: ### Original Google SpreadSheet ### SpreadSheet now abandoned and working in Web Protégé If you want access, sign up to Web Protégé and tell Pete McQuilton your username. NLM semantic types: Why we need the FAIR Principles FAIRified (see F3 & F4): --------------------- Matrix Wizard Interfaces: - - [GO FAIR IN Profile Matrix][5] [GO FAIR IN Profile Survey Matrix (Hettne)][6] GO FAIR IN Profile Survey [predicates][7] January 2019 [Common Notes][8] IN Meeting (Leiden) June 13 Meeting ----------------------------- [Implementation Choices and Challenges][9] (from DI Special Issue on FAIR Best Practices, [ToC][10] ) [GO FAIR IN Survey][11] (January 2019) ----------------------------- Supporting Links Other implementation choices will be presented at the [MPS FAIR Hackathon, February 2019][12] ENVRI-FAIR: metrics [questionnaire][13] for the ENVRIFAIR Research Infrstructures up in a Google form that fill a spreadsheet. CODATA Beijing 2019: [Matrix Panel Proposal][14] [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]: [6]: [7]: [8]: [9]: [10]: [11]: [12]: [13]: [14]: