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Researcher degrees of freedom and questionable research practices have contributed to a replicability crisis in psychology. New open science standards such as pre-registrations or registered reports improve cumulative psychological science by helping us to define our research questions and how we will answer them a priori. This workshop focuses on a topic that has received limited attention so far: questionable measurement practices (QMPs). First, we will discuss examples of QMPs in the psychological literature, and describe how they connect to larger issues of transparency, replicability, and reproducibility. Second, we will outline specific points in the research pipeline such as measurement selection and scoring where QMPs commonly arise. Third, we will show that planning and transparency can prevent QMPs and improve the validity of your work. Fourth, we will outline techniques for promoting measurement transparency that participants can apply to their research, including a step-by-step tutorial for pre-registering studies and writing registered reports. The workshop will be interactive in that participants will discuss, reflect, and get feedback about their own constructs and measures. Our goal is that participants leave the workshop with a clear plan for improving their own measurement practices. More resources on measurement are available here: