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Category: Project

Description: The project, supervised by Prof. G. Bertotti, Prof. J. Redfern, and Dr. J. Storms, focuses on the exhumation, erosion and sedimentation system, which developed during Jurassic to Cretaceous times in the passive continental margin of North West Africa. A large portion of Morocco experienced km-scale exhumation producing sediments that were transported by fluvial systems to the west and deposited onshore and offshore. Our aim is to constrain the exhumation, erosion, distributary and depositional (onshore and offshore) patterns. Analysis of transitional successions outcropping in Morocco and of deep-water deposits seismically imaged offshore will provide a reconstruction of the depositional system. This project is funded by ISES (The Netherlands Research Centre for Integrated Solid Earth Science) and supported by the NARG (North Africa Research Group) as part of the Early Cretaceous Morocco Project.

Has supplemental materials for Phanerozoic Vertical Movements in Morocco on Thesis Commons


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