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This files related to the project Attentional selection in the situation of cognitive conflict: dissociation between markers of error and error awareness (project page: Files "pref_data.csv" and "flanker_data.csv" contain the data accompanying the paper "Blame everyone: Error-related devaluation in Eriksen flanker task" by Andrey Chetverikov, Polina Iamschinina, Alena Begler, Ivan Ivanchei, Margarita Filippova, and Maria Kuvaldina. "analyses_for_osf.R" contains the script including the main analyses reported in the paper. BRIEF DESCRIPTION Previous studies show that the history of interactions with stimuli is particularly important. When observers make errors in simple tasks such as visual search, recognition, or categorization, they later dislike the stimuli associated with the error. Here we test whether this error-related devaluation exists in Erisken flanker task and whether it depends on the distribution of attention. We found that both attended stimuli (targets) and ignored ones (distractors) are devalued after errors on compatible trials but not incompatible ones. The extent of devaluation is similar for them, indicating that distribution of attention does not significantly influence attribution of error-related negative affect. In the first part of experiment observers had to determine the colour of a centrally presented face while ignoring the rest of the stimuli and press corresponding key. Stimuli (both target and distractors) were grayscale female or male faces from the FERET database tinted with 50% transparent green or blue colours. In the second part of experiment observers were asked to choose among the two faces (without colour tint) the one they like more. We found that both targets and distractors were less likely to be preferred if there was an error associated with these stimuli during preceding flanker trials. See paper for further details. You can use them or modify the data as you wish as long as you cite the original paper: Chetverikov, A., Iamshchinina, P., Begler, A., Ivanchei, I., Filippova, M. & Kuvaldina, M. (2017). Blame everyone: Error-related devaluation in Eriksen flanker task. Acta Psychologica, 180, 155-159. Additionally, please cite the data: Chetverikov, A., Iamshchinina, P., Begler, A., Ivanchei, I. I., Filippova, M., & Maria, K. (2017, September 23). Data and script: Blame everyone: Error-related devaluation in Eriksen flanker task. (see LICENSE.txt). Description of the variables is provided in variables_description.txt. If you have the questions feel free to contact me at Andrey Chetverikov
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