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<p><strong>Welcome to the 'same data different analysts' project!</strong></p> <p>We are hoping to find collaborators willing to analyse one of our two datasets (click through to the components of this project) or review analyses of these datasets.</p> <p>Project information can be found in the google doc in the files section of this page</p> <p>You can sign up to take part through this link: <a href="http://eepurl.com/gWD42n" rel="nofollow">http://eepurl.com/gWD42n</a></p> <p>Check out our Frequently Asked Questions here: <a href="https://osf.io/j94fy/" rel="nofollow">https://osf.io/j94fy/</a></p> <p><strong>Analysts</strong> Once you complete your analysis, you will need to: 1) write up a journal-ready methods section 2) write up a journal-ready results section 3) answer a structured survey, providing analysis technique, explanations of their analytical choices, quantitative results, and a statement describing their conclusions. 4) share your analysis files including - the data set formatted for your analyses if relevant if - code or procedural files depending on your analysis program of choice </p> <p><strong>Reviewers</strong> We would love you to help us out be reviewing people's analyses starting from July or August 2020 when we hope all of the analyses will be complete. The timeline is subject to the state of the world.</p> <p>We will ask each reviewer to assess at least four analyses of the same dataset. You will receive include the narrative methods section, the analysis team’s answers to our survey questions regarding their methods, including analysis code, and the data set for one dataset at a time. Then you will be asked to rate the appropriateness of the analysis from 0 to 100, specify whether the analysis is (a) publishable as is, (b) publishable with minor revision, (c) publishable with major revision, (d) deeply flawed and unpublishable and answer some more detailed questions about the suitability of the methods.</p> <p><strong>For more information email</strong></p> <p>Hannah Fraser (hannahsfraser@gmail.com) Tim Parker (parkerth@whitman.edu)</p>
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