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Spatiotemporal congressional district data ---------- Levi John Wolf [Explore this data on CARTO]( This is new data product extending Prof. Gary King's database of US Congressional Elections [(ICPSR 6311)]( with data put together by Prof. Ken Kollman (and many others) in the [Constituency Level Electoral Archive](, merged together with the [district shapefiles]( mantained by Prof. Jeffrey Lewis at UCLA. All data on vote shares after 1992 come from the CLEA and incumbency info after 1992 was hand-coded. The dataset provenance and grounding is discussed in the submitted writeup for *Scientific Data* (`sdata.pdf`). The table is a csv split into two halves, one before 1948 and one after 1948. Most columns retain the same meaning from ICPSR-6311, with `inc` being an incumbency indicator and `vote_share` being the share of the two-party vote won by Democrats. The geometries are polygons/multipolygons stored in hex-encoded WKB in the last column of the CSV. The remainder of the fields are describe in the submitted *Scientific Data* data descriptor.