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**At-home testing by cochlear implant users** You can watch the recorded version of this talk here on YouTube: **Authors** Jan-Willem Wasmann, Wendy Huinck, Lucas Mens, Dorien Berenstein-Herberigs We will present an on-going project of repeated at-home measurements in CI recipients. The audience will be able to self-administer a hearing test via After a short break for off-line analysis, the results of the online hearing test will be discussed. **Abstract** At-home testing options to monitor cochlear implant (CI) recipients' hearing abilities are reshaping CI aftercare. The COVID-19 pandemic has turned "nice-to-have" features (e.g., an at-home evaluation app for CI) into a "must-have" due to heightened barriers to visiting a clinic. At-home test capability allows clinicians to monitor listening performance in daily lives at the places that matter most to our patients. Uncontrolled factors, including circadian rhythms, attention, motivation, and listening fatigue, might lead to false alarms in a clinic. However, when interpreted correctly, those data might give our patient advice more ecological validity.