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## Data, analysis scripts, and results ## All analysis scripts were drafted while blind to the actual outcomes (see The core analyses for the final RRR papers are unchanged, but additional analyses were included and some minor tweaks were necessary to handle lab data files and fix minor coding bugs. The additional analyses and any substantive changes are documented in the code and in the manuscripts. Both papers relied on the same lab data files for the analysis (data for both RRRs were collected in the same session). Please view the readme files accompanying the analysis scripts in order to rerun the analyses (they describe the necessary placement of folders and files). The only difference in the data files used for analyses in the two RRRs is the inclusion of one lab in the Srull & Wyer RRR that was not included in the Mazar et al RRR. For the ease of reproducing the results of each RRR separately, the data files are included along with the scripts and directory structure necessary for the analysis in each RRR. The sets of data are identical except for the data file for that one lab. ---------- **Data, Analysis scripts, and results for the Mazar et al RRR** *Note: At the proofs stage, we noticed an error in the data plotted in several figures (the wrong comparisons) as well as some of the regression results. Those were corrected in the proofs, and the analysis scripts were updated. Below are links to the original script and to the fixed script from 9 July 2018.* - readme file ([txt][1]) - **FINAL SCRIPTS:** Mazar et al data, scripts, results (9 July 2018) - ([Zip][2]) - **OUTDATED SCRIPTS**: ([zip][3]) ---------- **Data and analysis script for the Srull et al RRR** To run the analysis, put the Rmd file below into the same folder as the Srull & Wyer data (linked above), open it in R Studio, and run it. - readme file ([txt][4]) - Srull & Wyer RRR data and script ([zip][5]) ---------- **Results Output** *Note: The file includes the forest plots for Srull & Wyer that result from running the R Markdown file (above), but other results from the script are not output to separate files; they appear in the console window in R Studio when you run the R Markdown script.* - Srull & Wyer forest plots ([zip][7]) [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]: [6]: [7]:
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