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Category: Project

Description: The current project examines, through two independent experiments, the manifestations of neuroticism via evaluative conditioning. Evaluative conditioning (EC) is an effect which consists in repeatedly presentations of a conditioned stimulus (CS) with a positive or negative unconditioned stimulus (US), resulting a valence transfer from the US to the CS. To further investigate the interindividual differences of neuroticism on this effect, we introduced the uncertainty/ ambivalence element which could help us to capture the natural tendency of highly neurotic people in transferring negative valence. Experiment 1 presented an experimental manipulation at the US level by using ambivalent USs (i.e., a positive picture and a negative picture merged into one image), whereas Experiment 2 provided a reinforcement manipulation by presenting two CSs with positive USs in half of presentations and with negative USs in other half of presentations.

License: CC-By Attribution 4.0 International


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