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## Description of contents ## This repository contains data and code (hosted on [Github][1]) for the manuscript *Exposure to arsenic at different life-stages and DNA methylation meta-analysis in buccal cells and leukocytes* by Anne K. Bozack et al. available at [][2]. The organization of the repository is as follows: - The ***bangladesh-study*** folder contains the scripts and results associated with the Bangladesh DNAm studies. - The ***chile-study directory*** is made up of subdirectories containing the code and results associated with the buccal cell and the PBMC DNAm analyses. It also holds a directory with notebooks assessing the within-participant buccal-PBMC sample similarities, and a directory with a notebook of descriptive statistics used to create Table 1 in the accompanying paper. - The ***DMR-meta-analysis*** folder contains the DMR-meta-analysis.Rmd notebook, which details the meta-analysis procedure and summarized the results output by comb-p. - The ***helper-scripts*** directory contains multiple helper files used to perform the analyses described in the paper. ---------- #### Schematic of Data Processing and Analysis Pipeline #### ![Schematic of the Data Processing and Analysis Pipeline][3] ---------- #### Citation: #### Bozack AK, Boileau P, Wei L, et al. 2021. Exposure to arsenic at different life-stages and DNA methylation meta-analysis in buccal cells and leukocytes. Environ Health. 2021 Jul 9;20(1):79. doi: 10.1186/s12940-021-00754-7. [PMID: 34243768][4] [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]:
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