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### Description This following page includes online supplementary such as the R code necessary to reproduce the reported results, a online supplement (OSM) that includes more information about the exact analytical decisions, descriptive analyses, and additional analyses. If you are interested in the project, I suggest to check out my talk at the annual conference of the International Communication Assocation in 2021: @[youtube]( ### How to reproduce the analyses 1. The analyzed archival data (published by the European Commission) are not under my direct control, but all three datasets can be assessed and downloaded via the GESIS Data Catalogue (Overall access: : - 2011 data set: - 2015 data set: - 2019 data set: 2. Download all files and folders from this OSF page (even those that are currently empty). 3. Put the data in the folder 'data'. 4. Open the project file called "PrivacyParadox_Europe.Rproj" 5. Open and knit the two scripts in the analysis folder (not the data wrangling script as this one will be sourced automatically). Please note that the scripts load the result data frames from the "results" folder to minimize computation time. If you want to reproduce the actual analysis, please run the relevant code between the curly brackets. 6. The should produce html-outputs for both analyses. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.