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The repository is part of the so-called, Mega-Meta study on reviewing factors contributing to substance use, anxiety, and depressive disorders. The study protocol has been pre-registered at [Prospero][1]. The current repository contains the procedure for 1. the [search terms][2], 2. the [search query][3], 3. selected [key papers][4], 4. [de-duplication via Endnote][5]. The search was conducted January-March 2021 and its results can be found on DANS under embargo [*LINK NEEDED*]. The screening was conducted in the software ASReview ([Van de Schoot et al., 2020][6]) using the screening protocol by [Hofstee et al. (2021)][7]. The server installation is described in [Melnikov (2021)][8], training of the hyperparameters for the CNN-model is described by [Tijema et al (2021)][9], and the post-processing is described by [van de Brand et al., 2021][10]. The data can be found on DANS [LINK NEEDED]. # Funding This project is funded by a grant from the Centre for Urban Mental Health, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands # Contact For any questions or remarks, please send an email to the [ASReview-team]( or [Marlies Brouwer]( [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]: [6]: [7]: [8]: [9]: [10]: