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@[toc](ToC) # Welcome! Welcome to UBC Okangan's OSF template. # Purpose This template is a starting point to get participants familiar with some of the core functions of the OSF platform. # Structure Different areas of research and different researchers each have their own project workflows and management needs. This template reflects a very basic research structure, assuming their will be: - an analysis of the literature; - a set of methods to record; - data collection; - and analysis of this data. For a research project, one may wish to include a diagrammatic representation of their project to quickly grasp scope: ![enter image description here]( # Instructions To fork or duplicate this project, click the forking icon and select 'Fork this Project' or 'Duplicate template'. ![fork or duplicate a project]( ## To Fork or to Duplicate? **Forking** a project will transfer over all content that is public and that you have permissions to. It maintains project *structure* and *content*. Wiki content and public, non-add-on files will be transferred. All forks are linked to each other through a citation. You can choose this option if you already have all workshop files downloaded to your computer. **Duplicating** a project transfers over only *structure*. No wiki content and no files will be copied. No link is maintained between the original and the duplicate. Choose this option if you do not already have all workshop files downloaded to your computer. # Resources ## Open Science - [The Open Science Training Handbook]( ## The Open Science Framework - [Center for Open Science YouTube Channel]( - [OSF 101 Webinar on YouTube]( - [General OSF help resources]( - [COS Reproducible Research and Statistics Training]( ## The "Reproducibility Crisis" and related literature - [A manifesto for reproducible science - Munafo et al. 2017.]( - [What does research reproducibility mean? - Goodman et al. 2016.]( - [Replicability and reproducibility in comparative psychology - Stevens, 2017]( - [Researcher degrees of freedom - Simmons et al. 2011]( - [Power failure: why small sample size undermines the reliability of neuroscience - Button et al. 2013.]( - [Believe it or not: how much can we rely on published data on potential drug targets? - Prinz et al. 2011.]( - [Why most published research findings are false - Ionnidis, 2005.]( ## OSF at academic institutions - [John’s Hopkins University supports OSF]( - [Virginia Tech]( - [University of Notre Dame]( ## Registered reports - [Instructions]( on how to register your OSF project - [OSF registry search page]( - [Ecology example, study on flowering phenology]( ## Reproducibility efforts - [The reproducibility project: Cancer Biology]( - [Estimating the reproducibility of psychological science]( ## OSF Project Templates - [Explore here for a variety of example OSF project templates]( - [Multi-site collaboration template]( - [A research lab OSF template]( - [OSF in the lab YouTube Video](