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The Open Science Initiative at the Department of Psychology of the University of Leipzig takes care that Open Science practices are covered in the curriculum, and tries to ensure that future job ads request Open Science statements by applicants. We are currently not meeting on a regular basis. You can join our mailing list ( if you want to stay up to date regarding our activities, or reach out to Stefan Schmukle (<>) and Julia Rohrer (<>) if you have any questions. Previous meetings and materials: - 10.05.2019: Update regarding a University-wide Open Science Initiative, Discussion about need for further meetings at the Institute for Psychology - 16.11.2018: Discussion with Felix Schönbrodt - 15.11.2018: Talk by Felix Schönbrodt, [link to invitation][1] - 04.05.2018: Open Science in Action: How can we contribute? [Slides][2] - April: No meeting - 09.03.2018: Reproducible Code, Open Materials & Preprints; [Slides Open Materials & Preprints][3], [Beispielskript How to code comprehensively][4] - February: No meeting - 19.01.2018: Open Data; [DGPs Empfehlungen][5], [Link DataWiz][6] - 08.12.2017: Preregistration; [Slides][7] - 13.11.2017: First meeting; [Slides][8] [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]: [6]: [7]: [8]: