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# **Info about the data** There are 2 main folders `RawData` and `FinalData`. The files in `FinalData` are based on the ones in `RawData`, with the exclusions below. Within `FinalData` there are two files, one (**ML5_fulldataset.csv**) which was used in the original script, and one (**ML5_fulldataset_withsuspicion.csv**) with an additional set of coding asked for by a reviewer, and with data columns that have been properly cleaned up and renamed. You can get from one of those files to the other within the [Analysis Script][1] but if you want to do your own analyses or re-analyses, you definitely want to use **ML5_fulldataset_withsuspicion.csv** [1]: # **Data exclusion** The files in `RawFiles` are based on the original raw files provided by the participating sites, with some minor changes. The files were checked for consistency and validity of participant data. Below, the results are reported and we note if changes were made to the original files. ## **Removed invalid cases** ### *Basel* `ID 65` occurs twice in `ML5_Belief_Induction_Basel.csv` one ID row does not have any data, the other does. There’s also exclusion data and math data for `ID 65`. The empty row was deleted from `ML5_Belief_Induction_Basel.csv` Basel RPP data contains `ID 1` and `ID 2` that have data, no exclusion data but list `UvA` as Site, These rows were identified as test cases and were removed. Basel RPP `ID 13` was changed to `ID 14` ### *Dortmund* The file `ML5_Belief_Induction__German_Version_Dortmund.csv` contains multiple ID numbers: `0`, `1`, `2` and `3`. IDs `0`,`1`,`2` do not have any demographic data, the exclusion file starts at ID 3. The cases without demographic and exclusion data were identified as test runs and were deleted. ### *Winchester* The file `ML5_Belief_Induction.csv` contains an empty ID as the first row and `ID -1` and `ID 3.14` are identified as mock sessions and were removed. There’s no FAD data for `ID 43` ### *Miami* `ID 1` and `ID 2` (RPP) have partial exclusion data (no age / gender) # **Character encoding** The format of text in files from *Eötvös Loránd* had to be changed, mainly due to ASCII conflicts sometimes causing columns to be not well defined for all cases. ----- # **Instruction for participating labs** ## How to Use This Component ## Hey look - it's the place where all the data lives! In here is a **Sample RPP Datasheet** which has a general format for entering in the data from the paper RP:P inductions, and a **Sample Exclusion Datasheet** which has the format for entering all the suspicion & exclusion coding (so it can be reviewed blind-to-condition). Both have a few lines of sample data - hopefully this matches the formatting you're using in some way or another. As you finish off your projects, just drop all your data into the folder with your university's name. Once we've got everything in, I'll create an aggregated version of all the data for us to play with. Neat!