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Category: Communication

Description: This communication focuses on the working group that Programme Vitam is leading on digital preservation. This interdepartmental work must enable each institution member to assume the Digital preservation of records and archives. The work takes form of : a feedback phase allowing to take advantage of experiences from the most advanced institutions on the subject, a practical experimentation phase and tests to evaluate existing tools and their results, on real lots of archives, and finally the realization of a structural study on organizational measures to set up so that the subject can be supported by the network of French archives. This communication would begin with the presentation of 3 concrete cases, to mark the spirits: a picture from the Cabinet Villepin Papers, French Prime Minister: not identifiable with DROID, not validable with JHOVE, but readable a Word document (minister paper): identifiable with DROID, not validable with Office validation tools, but readable an e-mail message from The 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 21) extracted from a mail box with MailExtract: not identifiable with DROID, not validable for lack of existing module, but readable The evocation of these 3 cases would permit to question the strategy to be followed by archivists in terms of digital preservation: what actions, what decisions ? The discussion would therefore focus on the link between processes / tools of digital preservation / and also actors. The objective today is to rely on people who understand, use and interpret tools results and are able to define and implement a digital preservation policy, to know the purpose of the preservation process. For the vitam program it is essential to build a community that will use wisely, the tools developed or embedded by Vitam software solution. To this end, the program brings together and animates an interdepartmental community, but we need to share this experience more widely.

License: CC-By Attribution 4.0 International


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