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The subfolders/components contain all data and scripts used to generate the figures, tables, and results as reported in the paper. All scripts can be run without any changes (all paths are relative) provided that the folder structure below is maintained. --- #### Data Structure: * __Data__ (Raw and processed data from the online experiment) * __Data Processed__ (Processed data files in `*.csv` and `*.dta` file format) * __Data Raw__ (Raw data files, as produced by the experimental software (_oTree_)) * __Demographics__ (Raw sets from the screening and demographics survey in `*.csv` format) * __Risk Perception__ (Raw data from the survey experiment on risk perception and investment propensity in `*.csv` format) * _ReturnDistributions.csv_ (Simulated returns (200 observatons each) of the nine assets used in the survey experiment) * __Figures__ (Output files in `*.pdf` file format as produced by the scripts in the folder Scripts/Figures) * __Scripts__ (Stata script files for data processing, analyses, figures and tables) * __00 - DataProcessing__ (Script processing all raw data files) * __01 - Analysis__ (Scripts producing anaylsis results as reported in the paper/appendix) * __02 - Figures__ (Scripts producing figures as included in the paper/appendix)