Nature of Human Intelligence Evolution on Psychological Well-being

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Category: Analysis

Description: This is an attempt to discover some basic factors of human intelligence, major psychological limitations, and solutions towards its development. Mankind faces many problems like terrorism, crime, the collapse of the family unit, drug abuse, war, theft, etc. effect on well-being, might be due to unintelligible decisions as I hypothesis here. So, better practical solutions and preventive methods are needed. Leading psychological limiting factors for intelligence development are known as mind viruses and its remedies are healthy mind viruses. The intelligent learning, meditation (training) and decisions might be evolved the brain-mind towards its potential level and achieve well-being gradually, by unearthed-core of Buddhist teachings inclusive of the 8-fold path; the evolution of the brain-mind and its behavior may be represented graphically. If reincarnation occurs, evolved quality level of brain-mind might be crucial to natural transmission and select next primary ‘brain’ and its state.

License: CC-By Attribution 4.0 International

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