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The Mindboggle-101 surface and volume brain atlases were generated as part of the Mindboggle project ([][1], [OSF][2]) and are licensed under a [Creative Commons License][3]. The anatomical labels are combined across individually labeled brain volumes or surfaces from Mindboggle-101 according to the Desikan-Killiany-Tourville (DKT) labeling protocol: "101 labeled brain images and a consistent human cortical labeling protocol" <br> Arno Klein, Jason Tourville. Frontiers in Brain Imaging Methods. 6:171. <br> DOI: [10.3389/fnins.2012.00171][4] **Volume atlas construction** <br> The joint fusion algorithm (Hongzhi Wang, 2013; distributed with ANTs) was used to construct probabilistic labels of the 20 OASIS-TRT brains, including a single volume of probabilities corresponding to the winning labels. Joint fusion was performed on the 20 brains after antsRegistration warped them to the OASIS-30 Atropos template. Results are also given after affine transformation to the OASIS-30 Atropos template in MNI152 space, and after resampling to 2mm^3 resolution. **Code and documentation** - CHANGELOG.txt: log of changes - make_jointfusion_atlas.txt: code to make a joint fusion atlas - resample2mm.txt: code to resample a volume to 2mm^3 resolution - make_freesurfer_classifier_atlas.txt: software to make a FreeSurfer classifier atlas **Joint fusion volume atlases** (2013) - OASIS-TRT-20_jointfusion_DKT31_CMA_labels_in_OASIS-30_v2.nii.gz - OASIS-TRT-20_jointfusion_DKT31_CMA_labels_in_MNI152_v2.nii.gz - OASIS-TRT-20_jointfusion_DKT31_CMA_labels_in_MNI152_2mm_v2.nii.gz **Joint fusion label probabilities** (2013) - OASIS-TRT-20_jointfusion_DKT31_CMA_label_probabilities_in_OASIS-30_v2.nii.gz - OASIS-TRT-20_jointfusion_DKT31_CMA_label_probabilities_in_MNI152_v2.nii.gz - OASIS-TRT-20_jointfusion_DKT31_CMA_label_probabilities_in_MNI152_2mm_v2.nii.gz **Cortical surface atlases** (FreeSurfer classifier left/right .gcs files) - [lh,rh].DKT31atlas101subjects.gcs: from all 101 participants (2016) - [lh,rh].DKTatlas40.gcs: from 40 participants (2012) [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: