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**Structure of the folders** Each folder contains a subfolder "Materials Section Main Paper" with R code or a JASP file for the analyses in the main paper. Moreover, the following topics are covered: 1. Null Hypotheses * Optional Stopping (Schönbrodt) * Sample Size Determination (Fu) 2. Interval Hypotheses * Financial Statement Audits (Derks) * Interval Hypotheses (Palfi & Dienes) 3. Informative Hypotheses * Alternative to Bayesian Model Selection - GORIC (Kuiper) * Cluster Randomized Trials (Moerbeek) * Dynamic Network Actor Model (Karimova, Mulder, & Leenders) * Hypotheses on Variances (Böing-Messing) * Partial Correlation Networks (Williams & Mulder) * Robust Group Means (Meijerink-Bosman) * Structural Equation Modeling (van Lissa) 4. Evidence Synthesis * Meta-Analysis with Model Averaging (Heck) * Replication Studies (Leplaa) 5. Variable Selection and Model Averaging * Multilevel Models Using brms (Bürkner) * One-Sided Variable Selection (Xin Gu) 6. Cognitive Modeling * Review of Further Applications (Heck, Boehm, Lee, Vanpaemel)