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## LBSN Disease Data ## This OSF repository accommodates **L**ocation-**B**ased **S**ocial **N**etwork (LBSN) data enriched with disease event data synthesized by a SEIR disease simulator leveraging a [simulation]( that simulates patterns of life (POL). ### Data summary ### | Settings | # of Users | # of CheckIns | # of Links | # of DiseaseEvents | Period (month)| | --- | ---: | ---: | ---: | ---: | ---: | | NOLA | 5,000 | 32,093,698 | 60,553,267 | 513,829 | 24 | ### Maps ### New Orleans, Louisiana (NOLA): ![New Orleans, Louisiana (NOLA), Mississippi River, Lake Pontchartrain, and the French Quarter][1] For more information visit: - Project Website: ## Citation Request ## When using this dataset, please cite: - J.-S. Kim, H. Kavak, C. O. Rouly, H. Jin, A. Crooks, D. Pfoser, C. Wenk, A. Züfle, *Location-Based Social Simulation for Prescriptive Analytics of Disease Spread*, SIGSPATIAL Special, March 2020, Volume 12, Issue 1, pp 53-61 - J.-S. Kim, H. Kavak, U. Manzoor, A. Züfle, *Advancing Simulation Experimentation Capabilities with Runtime Interventions*, In Proceedings of 2019 Spring Simulation Conference, April 2019, 11 pages [1]:
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